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Ethic and Culture



All of the employees of PT Surya Toto Indonesia Tbk.

must hold in high esteem the Company’s ethic code and culture.


SEIRI (Short)

SEIRI (Short) means to sort/select required goods and non-required goods.

Additionally, to perform control and prevention so as

to avoid existence of non-required goods.


SEITON (Neat) means to organize and to store goods orderly,

systematically and effectively to facilitate the taking and return of goods and

to determine standard for location of storage of goods.

SEISO (Clean)

SEISO (Clean) means to create a continuous clean condition of the environment,

equipment and machinery and to prevent the dispersion of

dirt and waste.

SEIKETSU (Maintenance)

SEIKETSU (Maintenance) means the process to maintain sorting,

organizing and cleaning and being conscious to make continuous activities

to ensure that 5S is maintained.

SHITSUKE (Dilligent)

SHITSUKE (Dilligent) means a strong commitment to comply with what has been resolved.


  • Transparency

Openness in the decision making process through relevant information. Transparency does not mean unlimited openness. All information belonging to the company is treated in accordance with applicable regulations.

  • Accountability

a.     Ensure clarity of functions, implementation, and accountability of the organization.

b.     Every person or business unit has the authority and responsibility for the tasks assigned to him.


  • Responsibility

Every employee is responsible for carrying out his work activities based on sound corporate principles, in accordance with applicable laws, cooperating actively and trying to make a real contribution.

  • Independency

Prevent conflict of interest and influence/ pressure from any party that is not in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


  • Fairness

a.     Ensuring equal fair treatment to all stakeholders in every activity

b.   Always strive so that interested parties can understand their rights and obligations in accordance with the laws and regulations

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