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Employment, Health and

Work Safety

Employment, Health and Work Safety

Work safety and security of each employee is one of the company’s main priorities. The company is fully committed to ensure work health, security and safety of all its employees in performing their jobs.


The company ensures the work health and safety of all its employees in performing their jobs and responsibilities. To increase productivity and reduce the risk of occurrence of matters undesirable, the Company is concerned with the following matters:

  • All work activities and procedures are made by considering and referring to safety of the employees, supported by appropriate work safety facilities.

  • The procedure of work safety becomes a part inseparable from the work procedure.

  • All events related to the work safety shall be reported in writing to the Board of Directors and serve as the material for improvement of work procedure and work safety.

  • The work place shall be convenient and meet the fair health level in order to maintain or enhance work convenience and high level of productivity.

  • The company purchases and provides technical devices (machines etc) that are good and not causing hazards in the work performance.

  • Supplying all employees by using work safety equipments to enable reducing the risks related to work health and safety.

  • Providing First-aid facilities and work safety and health equipments in proper places.

  • Providing devices for prevention of fire explosion, toxicity, air and noise pollution, water pollution and prevention of other hazards.

  • Developing an integrated plan in encountering emergencies.

  • Conducting investigation on any accidents occurring and making periodical reports of accidents.

  • Conducting employee health examination in the form of roentgen and conducting periodical blood examination specifically for certain divisions.

  • Giving explication and guidance to enable employees to know how to avoid and prevent accidents and give First Aid (PPPK).

  • Employees shall observe and adhere to all terms and conditions of work environment safety and sanitation specified for safety and health in the work place as well as for themselves.



Company Policy of Work Safety and Health

K3 Motto is prioritizing K3 in any work activities. K3 application is an actual form of the company’s support in enhancing work safety and health of each employee. This is proven by the many activities performed to support this activity, such as:


1.      K3 Activities

  • K3 Promotion

A communication activity to increase K3 understanding by exhibition, advertisement, demonstration media, and other efforts by nature persuasive and conducted intensively and continuously. In conducting promotion of K3 activity, the Company attempts to perform various activities, such as:

  • Reading of K3 vow every time before starting work activities.

  • Making and posting K3 banners and posters in every corner of the Company’s building.

  • Making signs of the use of work safety equipments in every corner of the Company’s building.

  • Conducting morning exercise.


  • K3 Counseling

K3 counseling to each employee is required to facilitate each employee in applying K3 correctly in any work activities. The activities performed are:

  • Education on traffic accidents by members of Metro Jaya Regional Police in order to minimize road accidents.

  • Employee training on fire fighting, Theoretically as well as in Practice.

  • Training in emergency response of natural disaster, conducted 3 times a year.


  • K3 Supervision

K3 supervision is an activity of review on the consistency of K3 application in each section. The programs performed are:

  • Management Patrol on Monday every week.

  • P2K3 Team Patrol monthly according to the schedule.

  • K3 section Patrol according to the section schedule.

  • K3 night Patrol according to the schedule.

  • K3 long holiday Patrol.


  • K3 Examination

K3 examination is an activity of examining the condition of K3 application from all aspects for maintaining work safety and health. The activities performed are:

  • K3 Audit of Company’s Parent (TOTO Japan).

  • K3 Audit of New Machines.

  • Examination of PK3 facilities.

  • Examination of emergency response facilities.

  • Examination of lifting and transport means.

  • Examination of pressure vessels.

  • Examination of employees’ health.


  • K3 Control

The activity of K3 control is conducted by providing K3 monitoring board in each section/ division. The company conducts safety and health control in the work environment by measuring the dust and noise level.


  • K3 Evaluation

Besides planning and performing K3, this K3 activity shall be evaluated monthly. This is conducted to evaluate the effectiveness level of K3 programs performed.


2.      Institution of Social Security

Each employee shall be protected by Institution Social Security according to the applied treatment.


3.      Complaint Mechanism of Employment Issues

There is a complaint solving procedure of employment issues contained on the Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) between the Company and Labor Union accordance with the valid laws and regulations in Indonesia.


4.      Implementation CSR of Employment, Work Safety, and Health

In its implementation in year 2021, The Company provides health insurance to employees outside BPJS program; number of manpower training as well as work safety and health (K3) training provided by The Company to employees in accordance with the position and field of work, such as: fire extinguisher training, seminar of basics Work Safety and Health (K3), First Aid (P3K) training, counseling for orderly traffic, seminar of quality convention, seminar of ISO, seminar of after sales service, tax seminars, training of cost reduction, Gondola Operator training, Covid-19 Handling for employee and outsource, etc at a total cost of

Rp 3,272,472,676.

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