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Responsibility to Consumers

Customer Satisfaction by Improvement of Product and

Service Quality Continuously


The Company endeavors to maintain and improve the quality from time to time. The Company believes that maintained quality shall be supported by reliable suppliers.


As the form of Social Responsibility to consumers, the Company has covered insurance and product liability of PT Surya Toto Indonesia Tbk by the premium of Rp237,712,757.


Quality Management

  • The Company endeavors to produce products by tight quality control in order to produce the best products.

  • The Company encourages maintenance of good quality in all processes of production and services.

  • Justification on the company’s quality management shall be clearly defined in a separate document.

  • This quality policy should be well communicated to all employees in order to create good, effective and efficient scope of operation.

  • This quality management system shall be restudied periodically to guarantee continuous improvement.

  • Product innovation is conducted continuously to produce products following current development.

  • The Company realizes that consumer’s satisfaction is a benchmark of the company’s work performance success, therefore the company endeavors to prioritize consumer’s confidence by:

    • Selling products according to the specified quality standards.

    • Opening after-sales service and following up consumers’ complaints.

    • Conducting continuous promotion healthily, fairly, honestly, which is not misleading and accepted by society norms.

Procurement Management

  • In the frame of goods and service procurement, it is endeavored to obtain the best prices with good quality and justifiable.

  • The Company ensures that the procedure of goods/service procurement always has clear documentation, upholds the principles of transparency, competitiveness, cost efficiency, fairness and justifiability and not conflicting with the prevailing laws and regulations.

  • Acting fairly by giving equal opportunities to all suppliers having the same qualification without discrimination. The Company is committed to guide new suppliers to development gradually by qualification process designated by the Company.

  • The Company makes deals in goods and service procurement with suppliers, articulated in written documents in good faith and by win-win solution.

  • Existing suppliers are not allowed to have special relation with parties conducting goods and service procurement either directly or indirectly.

  • All employees of the Company shall be prohibited from asking or accepting, allowing or approving to accept any gifts or rewards from suppliers or third parties getting or attempting to get any jobs or orders related to goods and service procurement.

  • Any employees involved in goods and service procurement process shall be required, but not limited to:

    • Perform the job of goods and service procurement by the policy and procedure applied in the Company.

    • Work professional, independently based on honesty, and to maintain documents of goods and service procurement required to be kept confidential to prevent any misuse.

    • Not allowed to divide a package of goods and service procurement into several packages in order to avoid authority limit.

    • Avoid conflicts of interest between personal interests and the company’s interests.

  • No KKN (Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism) is expected to be found in the cooperation/ contract document, which is to be performed with full responsibility.

  • The Company shall make timely payment to all suppliers according to the agreement.

  • All employees of the company shall be prohibited from cheating the suppliers of goods or service procurement directly or indirectly.

  • All employees of the company shall be prohibited from misusing their positions for borrowing funds, or being indebted to suppliers or borrowing certain facilities/means from suppliers.

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