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Environment Policy of PT Surya Toto Indonesia Tbk.:

  • Prevention of Environment Pollution and Saving of Natural Resources and Energy From Product and Service Activities.

  • Fulfillment of Laws and regulations and Other Requirements Relevant to Environment Aspects.

  • Continuous Environment Improvement.

  • Development of water saving products. 


We are committed to continuously prioritize environment aspects by observing all Government regulations and conditions in any industrial activities for maintaining nature preservation.


One of the real forms of the company’s support in maintaining the environment preservation is by processing hazardous-poisonous substances with the total value Rp 347,212,339.


Besides, the Company is also concerned with global warming issue having negative impacts on the life of human being and the surrounding nature. The measure taken is growing public awareness in preserving nature by saving the use of natural resources such as water and energy from fossils, having the limited quantity, and starting to conduct greening in as well as around the company environment. For that purpose, since September 2009 until now the company has joined the Green Building Council Indonesia (GBC Indonesia).


The Green Building Council Indonesia (GBC Indonesia) is a collaboration between professionals having scientific backgrounds of architecture, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, interior design, and parties dealing in business lines of property developer, consultant service, contractor and energy service, manufacturer of building materials, companies dealing in building operation and maintenance, and so on, who are concerned with environment preservation in Indonesia in order to eliminate the negative impacts of global warming


As one of the Corporate Founding Member of GBC Indonesia, the company is active in various activities of GBC Indonesia to socialize green building issue to public, to give direction in developing a building from planning, development, operation until its maintenance operation by considering the aspects in protecting, saving, reducing the use of natural resources, maintaining good quality of buildings and the air quality in room, and considering the health of their occupants, all of which by observing the rule of continuity.


Besides constructing healthy buildings, the company is also concerned with the process and results of production in maintaining environment preservation, such as reprocessing factory wastes to prevent environment pollution, using recycled water for production process, management of products useable safely and producing sanitary equipments and water saving fittings. Therefore the company also contributes in educating people to choose and use

energy saving and environment friendly products.


Environmental Certification


PT Surya Toto Indonesia Tbk. received PROPER BIRU (Blue Rating) certification for the 2023 period from the Ministry of Environment
and Forestry of The Republic of Indonesia for good environmental management performance by the business unit. PT Surya Toto Indonesia Tbk also received GREEN LABEL with GOLD Rating certification the 2021 period from Green Product Council Indonesia. This shows that the Company has given great attention to environmental management in accordance with applicable rules and regulations. In accordance with the existing sustainability strategy, the Company will continue to make a positive impact on the environment to achieve sustainability.

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