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Social Development and Social Services

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Social Development and Social Services


Responsibility for social development and social services is performed in various fields, starting from Religious, Education, NGO and Youth Activities, Natural Disaster, Rural Operation, and support to Government Activities.


PT Surya Toto Indonesia Tbk. is committed to continuously enhance concern for social development and social services. This is reflected from various kinds of social support provided for many aspects such as aspects of education, religion, NGO and youth activities, natural disaster, rural operation and support to Government activities.


By these activities, the company could increase its social responsibility consistently demonstrated by increase of concern for others and environment and give inspiration to the stakeholders to conduct similar activities.


The company is aware that the business and operational activities are not only intended to create value added for the shareholders, however it should be able to give real benefits to people’s social life, because society is a part inseparable from the company’s activities. Through various social programs and activities, the company always endeavors to maintain harmonious relation with society, particularly around the company’s environment.


Below are activities of the Company’s Social Responsibility conducted in the form of charity

and social services during 2021 of the total value Rp1,871,334,235 , namely:

  • Contribution in religious affairs, among others contribution for developing houses of worship, supporting religious activities, and giving Holiday Allowance to the community around the factory environment.

  • Contribution in social services, namely:

    • TOTO Products Support for House of Worship (Mosque & Church Organization), SMPN 4 Cikupa &
      Madrasah, Government Institution, Villages & Organization.

    • Covid-19 Donations to Yayasan Benih Baik, Asosiasi Aneka Industri Keramik Indonesia (ASAKI), Anak Yatim Piatu, Anak Asuh DKM, Desa, Kelurahan, Rumah Ibadah, Kampung Pondok, Puskesmas and Hospital

    • Social Donations for Yayasan Buddha Tzu Chi, Rumah Ibadah, dan PBHI Masjid Ataqwa, Yayasan Bina Matahari Bangsa,
      and Yayasan Pembinaan Anak Cacat (YPAC).

    • Donations CSIS, APINDO, and Yayasan Habitat Kemanusiaan Indonesia.

    • Donations to Dewan Kemakmuran Masjid, Instansi Pemerintah dan Desa, Komite Masyarakat Peduli Pribumi, Lembaga
      Pemberdayaan Masyarakat and Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI).

By participating in the Social Responsibility (CSR) activities well coordinated and programmed, the company’s measures in giving supports and contributions will be more meaningful and can be benefited by the society directly and give more effective results and right on targets.

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